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I'am looking to buy a PS3 and I've been checking out the used prices for a week or two. Using Ebay's completed listing tag on average they are making around the £300 mark and on Ad Trader's site the price seems to vary quite a bit, again £300 seems to be the going rate but there are some bargains to be had if you look. Most of these come with games etc as well.

So it seems the £300 level is where people are forking out their cash for a PS3 perhaps this should be the realistic price of brand new machines with a few goodies thrown in I’am sure Sony will see sales rocket if they priced the PS3 at this point or slightly lower.

Come on Sony my cash is waiting...:lease:


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Not sure what the point of this thread is...maybe you're thinking out loud.

The second hand value of PS3s is crap, I'm having a very difficult time shifting mine :( The fact is no one really wants one.


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Yeh just thinking out loud in Sony's direction and I thought it might be of interest to someone looking to buy a used PS3..:)

I'm having a very difficult time shifting mine

Have you checked out Ebay, lots being sold there and lots of people buying them, what price are you looking for it.


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Game sell them for 325, and CEX for 330

both boxed etc

which considering wollies want 375, for new and 2 games, and a controller and blu rays...... its pointless getting second hand unless you have store credit


I managed to get a PS3 second hand from Ebay, the seller was local so I picked it up in person. The machine was a month old and hadn't been used. It came with Casino Royal on Blu-Ray, Rainbow Six and Enchanted Arms games (still sealed) plus an HDMI lead all for £300...:thumbsup:

Flashed it up and did all the updates, fantastic, best £300 I've spent in ages, now for some driving games...:D

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