PS3 US Launch - Successful?


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Just interested in people's opinion on this. The PS3 seems to have been met with critical success from gamers - apart from the odd issue here and there nobody seems to have any significantly negative points about it. The launch consoles have (unsurprisingly) been lapped up.

However there is a shortage of units due to the limitations of supply of components - and this will continue for sometime - so why are the prices on so reasonable? Most seem prices around the US$800 dollar mark (about £450) which seems almost around the (suspected) UK RRP. The 360 reached much higher prices and the shortage of units was considerably less.

What does this mean? Have Sony been effective in surpressing profiteers? Or is the interest in the PS3 simply not there? If the latter why - price, launch titles, lack of rumble?

Obviously it's early days yet...but the cheap Ebay prices really has surprised me.


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Rasczak please take this as my opinion and not a flame at you as its not my interest in getting into a debate, just my thoughts.

I think that people are looking into all this is the ps3 the best? The xbox is better! and wii is outselling this and that blah blah thing way too seriously.

Who cares if the 360 outsells the ps3 a billion units or whatever or the wii is the greating thing to hit the planet or a new add on to whatever console will do the dishes and it wont be released on the ps3! I certainly dont care. I bought the ps3 because I like the games that appear on sonys machines. I was interested in HD media and blu ray is more accesible to me now I have the ps3.

If I would of kept my 360 I would probabley bought the HD DVD add on.

I think that people need to let all this comparing and flaming just rest and enjoy their games on whatever platform they may own.

The ps3 is a beautiful machine and has loads of potential. The games at the mo arent the greatest I have ever played but there a great start to a great machine. In time they WILL improve so I am willing to give sony a chance no matter what the bashers say.

The xbox is also a great machine as its had time to mature. If you want instant gratification get one.

The wii is also interesting and has brought many interesting ideas into the console "war".

Im glad there are 3 great machines out because its gives us consumers choice.

GO SONY, GO MICROSOFT and also GO NINTENDO. may all your consoles sell lots and live long prosper lives.

I will enjoy playing them all.

Man Im a forum junkie he he

After all that I forgot to answer your questions he he.
I think no one is buying them so the prices are dropping! yep you heard me say it right. Reasons for people not buying could be because the xbox has some great games at the moment so people are wary of taking on a new console with few games. Maybe because people have been won over by the new way of interacting with games on the wii. It certainly does look cool. May have to get me one.

Give it time and Im sure people will open up to sony.


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I must admit I was surprised at how cheap I got a PS3 off ebay but I don't think this is indicative of the way people perceive the PS3, it will still totally destroy the 360 saleswise over the lifespan of the consoles.

If anyone has listened to the PS3 and 360 next to each other, they will appreciate why the PS3 is so much better as a HD movie player because it is almost silent, this for me is a massive plus for the PS3 as my 360 sounds like a Aircraft engine.


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I somehow doubt it was a runnaway success.

PS3 has had numerous hardwaer problems (as seen here by members with dead consoles).

It had issues with an awful lot of US TV's, and still has problems with some, in games and bluray.

Its software was limited, less functionality than the 360 in a lot of areas.

Games, only one was quality, many others were either jerky(frame rate issues) or plain poor.

A large number of them went on ebay, considering the lack of inventory theres no premium anymore, is there much demand, especialy before xmas?

Many of these points are typicaly of a console launch, not sure if sony would consider it a success or not(honestly) but at least they managed to get them into stores.


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I somehow doubt it was a runnaway success.

Neither was the PS1 or the PS2. Both of those consoles had tremendous low key launches.

Judging by how expensive the damm thing is already, anything over retail price is great. I am sure many people will pick one up, but NOT at great inflated prices. (it's suppose to be a CHEAP Blu-Ray player as well remember! ;) ) Right now it's not that.


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It is currently a very cheap Blu-ray player, and performs better than standalone, much more expensive, Bluray players. Adding in the fact that it can play games at 1080p and display high-res photos properly, I think it is actually the bargain of the century. While I love the Xbox 360 for gaming, the need to buy an add-on HD-DVD player and the fact that it doesn't look anywhere near as good on my 1080p TV makes the Xbox 360 significantly inferior in my book. I'm delighted with the PS3 already, and I suspect it's only going to get better.

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