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Hey guys, I've had my PS3 for about 2 months now and have been using it to upscale my old DVDs. The console is connected via HDMI cable to my Philips 32PFL5522 and for ages has been great at upscaling, Hard Candy looked amazing on it!

However I recently tried watching The Fountain on it only to find the colours looked drained and the movement of people was blurry. So I tried a DVD I know well, Fight Club, and the same thing was happening. So I popped the disc into my HD DVD player and it was fine. No blurring and the colours were spot on.

I've tried messing about with the upscaling settings but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas what it could be? I'm more than happy to continue using my HD DVD player for SD playback but if it's something I can fix myself I'd like to know how.



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Swap the HDMI cables around and see if anything changes.
You might have turned the PS3 Full RGB on, or even off depending on the Tv. Blurry movement is usually caused by the TV's Noise Reduction, and you should turn noise reduction off, but you would also expect the blurring to happen when using the DVD player.

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