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Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by monstaracerr, Jan 11, 2008.

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    I have problems with my mates playstation on the network..
    and for see problems occuring when mine goes online...

    Ok, average speed anywhere between 7/8 to 19 mb/s dependent on whos online, ping between 40 and 100 upload between 600 - 800 kb/s

    but i have to say recently, the lagging has become a whole new issue! I believe it might have something to do with....

    a) my router... linksys wrt54gs version 7

    its set up so that dmz is open for my flat mates ps3, the currently only ps3 on the network, is open on his ip.
    not sure if this router is suitable?? any help?

    b) my flat mates!! one of my flat mates... computer illitirate, insists on going on azureus and other torrent programs, which dramatially slow down the network... to less than 1mb and then it continued to show azureus on the ps3 as a media server :S the network is not set up for torrent sharing...

    (edit: seems to be ok now i port forwarded his computer to work)

    is it not set up correctly? it worked fine the first day we set it up...

    also... I'm in the process of getting myself a ps3... not sure wether to hold out to see whats coming or just go ahead and purchase now??
    but i want to add a second ps3 to the network... i know about port forwarding but surely that would only allow one ps3 to connect?

    If i connect it to the net through my mac... which acts as a router... would this work?
    one can be wired to the router... maybe both of them

    is there any special way of configuring the router other wise...

    any help with any of these questions answered would be a huge help.. HUGE HELP!!!



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