PS3 to Panasonic TH-42PH10


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I recently got the 42PH10 and wanted to use my PS3 on it, so i got a wire which has the red and white colours and a third connection which connects into the PC connector on the tv. But the tv will not pick it up, Ive changed settings and inputs and everything else i can think of. Anybody know what i can do to get it to work? Thanks


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You'll get nothing over VGA.

3 options, I see.

1. Buy an S-Video lead for your PS3, but expect the picture quality to be average.
2. Buy one of the "HD Fury" hdmi - VGA setups(but they aren't that cheap)
3. Sell the tv, and get a new/newer than 6 years old, one.


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Depending on how old your PS3 is it may have a component video output, the VGA connector on the Panasonic can be set to accept component signals in the Setup menu.

If the PS3 does output component signals this cable should be suitable.

If not follow Rotten Fox's advice!


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If you can post a link to the cable you have now, I'm sure one of us will come with some ideas! I owned a PH10 for several years and was always very pleased with the picture quality from my PS3. Had an HDMI board fitted in mine, which I assume you don't have?

PS3 can out component over its analogue multi-connector. This can go straight into the plasma, with the right cable/adapter.

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