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PS3 Tiger woods 09 online


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all my friends have started to play Tiger woods 09 online. I am aware that ea servers are rubbish and always have problems but i can never play four player online. my PS3 completely freezes and have to turn it off and on again. I have SKY 2mb broadband and was wondering if i upgrade to a larger package it will sort out problems. please help.


Hello, I was hoping that someone can help me sort out some problems with Tiger Woods online. I recently bought the game and want to connect to play online with some people in the states but am having some problems. 1. I can't seem to find a way to create a private match and invite friends. 2. I can't find a way to play a threesome with two players on my console and one online.
Any help mates???



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Hi Drew, have you followed the port opening instructions above?

1. Go to 'Lobby' in online game mode. In there, press triangle to create a room. You are given the options to set a password and restrict to friends list. Simply let your friends know the room name and password through a PSN message.

2. 'fraid I can't help with this one. Never tried it as I have no 'real' mates :)

Good luck, spud


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OK i have sorted my problems out with my tiger woods. i recently upgrade to 8mb broadband so it might have been that that sorted it. the other thing to do is to take the playstation out of your firewall. this allowes all data to get through. If you are having probs getting your friends in a lobby send them a invite. to do this get them in a room in lobby. create your match. when you go to stats page press R1 and go back to lobby, press square then invite. this always works for us and stops public getting into your game. hope this helps.

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