PS3 streaming - Which NAS?


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Ive been looking thtough the various threads and im looking for a little advice on a NAS for my PS3

The shortlist i have got to is

Lacie 1tb network space 2
WD My book World Edition 1tb
Buffalo Linkstation Live 1tb

Can you tell me if i have missed off any glaring contenders? and if not, which would be the best in terms of performance and cost.

I currently have a V+, PS3 slim, Wii, 1080p LCD, Laprtop, Denon 1910 and Monitor Audio RS 5.1 system. (soon to purchase Harmony One when i find a good deal, boy do i need it now)

I would like to have it all working seamlessly!

Im looking for a 1Tb NAS to use as my personal archive and media streamer.

It will essentially be my DVD/BR library and stream itunes. I would like download (torrent?) feature as well.

Will i have to use my laptop to stream the media from the NAS or can i play it directly from the NAS?

Im a little confused over the PS3 Media Streamer software.

clarity please!




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I bought a Linkstation Live a couple of weeks ago and it's been working well. It comes with Twonky built in, so the PS3 connects to it automatically. You do not need to use your laptop - if you copy your films to it, you can stream directly from the NAS to the PS3.

I've also installed squeezecenter on it - not sure what options you have with itunes, but squeezecenter streams my music fine.

I believe the Linkstation comes with built in BitTorrent s/w but I don't use that so can't comment on it - I only stream films I own.

I can't comment yet on whether the Linkstation will stream Blu-ray. I have a blu-ray drive arriving today, so hopefully within the next few days I will have ripped my blu-ray discs and found out whether the linkstation has the power to stream them.

Edit to Add : I haven't used the PS3 Media Server yet. I might, if it provides some benefits when I'm trying to stream blu-ray, but normal DVDs work fine with the built in Twonky so I've had no reason to.


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PS3 Media Server is used to stream data from your PC to your PS3. AFAIK it can't be installed on a NAS.

I think Twonky is fine for playing rips of your own Blu-rays, but it can't transcode or anything.

OK - I assumed the Media Server would work on a NAS, because when I checked it the other day it says it runs on all platforms (including Linux, which my NAS is). But if Twonky works I'll be happy enough.

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I recently decided to get a NAS. Was gonna get a 1TB Buffalo jobbie, until a pal persuaded me to get a 2-drive QNAP.
So, i got the TS-210 (c.£167) and two 1.5TB drives (c.£83 each). Of course, you could get 2x500gb, or 2x1TB to begin with and upgrade later if you are on a budget.

The beauty is you can chose whether to use all the storage (up to 4TB) or run it in RAID1 so that you dont risk ever losing anything (at the cost of one drive being effectively wasted)

Pretty easy to set up, even for a relative n00b like me. TWONKY was instantly recognised by the PS3, and plays all the files that would normally play direct on the PS3. I guess its a ballache that MKV's dont play, but using mkv2vob isnt much of a hardship. I also like that i dont need to switch the PC on and i have my full archive of films and TV shows available.
It does all the stuff like torrent downloading (though i havent tried that yet) and you can set up an FTP server so you/your pals can access your files from basically anywhere in the world. To be honest, it probably does more than i'll ever use.

Downsides - i miss having thumbnails of the films, and overall, its not cheap. Otherwise, its a cool little box.


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Doesn't the QNap have a bit torrent client in too?
So you can download the linux distros...

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