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PS3 sound problem


Standard Member
hi guys, sorry if there is a thread containing this information but i could not find anything !!

Im having a problem getting sound from my PS3. I have a hitachi plasma tv ! which i bought around 2 years ago and i only purchased my PS3 today.

In order to benefit from HD i have had to connect my PS3 to the tv using a component cable, as there is no hdmi port. This is fine, there is no problem with picture at all.

I have not connected the audio leads as there are no speakers on my tv so i have connected my PS3 to my amp (TEAC) with an optical cable. The problem is that there is no sound coming out at all !! Does anybody know why this might be? Is there something on my remote that i need to press? Video 1 on my remote for my surround sound is sound for my tv, video 2 is for my wii which is connected to my amp using composite leads but ive tried pressing everything and cant get any sound from the PS3 at all.

Does this make any sense at all what im tryin to explain ? I have to apologise because i am absolutely rubbish with all this. If you need me to provide an exact model number for the Teac surround sound system i will see if i can hunt out the receipt.

many thanks

jake arms

Established Member
hi xab, if everything is set up properly on your ps3, then you should have sound, you should have an automatic input on your amp to get sound, have you gone into the sound options on ps3, scroll down to sound options and scroll across do it manually, tick every box thats there under sound formats, then you have to save them, now go back to the film then your amp should automatically pick up sound, look at back of amp where you plugged the lead into, if its dvd optical then just scroll through amp to you find the dvd optical in, good luck, Also have you made sure the optical cable is right in, is there a light on it, you have to give it a hard push sometimes,


Standard Member
thanks very much for the reply Jake,

i have tried again and still i cant get any sound. On the back of my amp in the digital section i have 3 optical ports, optical out, and optical 1 & 2. I have tried plugging the cable in to all three and still no joy !!

Last night i even tried to connect it up to my amp with composite leads, the same way as i have my wii, and STILL i couldnt get sound ! Is it possible my console is faulty?

When i have everything plugged in should the sound be automatically generated onece i turn on the PS3? Because i know with my Wii i need to select video 2 on my amp, or video 1 for the tv.

The cable does have a little red light on so i presume it is working.

I went through the sound settings on the console like you said and ticked every box but it does not seem to be making any difference. Could you tell me again in the most basic of terms what to do in my sound settings? just to make sure i have done it right.

My amp is a TEAC AG10D as seen here.. http://www.son-video.com/Rayons/HomeCinema/AmpliAV/Teac/AG10D.jpg

p.s I have tried a DVD as well and no sound from it either :mad:
its so so so frustrating !!!


Standard Member
ok latest update is that the PS3 is working fine with the composite leads, the problem here being that i dont want to have to be unplugging my Wii and vice versa each time i want to play one or the other console.

Also i want to get this working through the optical and component cable so i get the full HD and surround sound benefits.

So..... i am getting a perfect HD picture with the component cables but still no sound through my amp with the optical cable.

On my amp remote control to i need to select something to give me sound ? As video1 is my tv/sky and video2 is my wii ............. please helppppp !!!

really gettin frustrated and desperate now :(


Established Member
In the PS3 sound settings, are you sure you have the correct sound formats that your amp can handle checked?

Are the component leads into your TV or amp? if it;s your amp, does your amp have a setup screen so that you can link the optical input to the component.

Please tell me what model amp it is?

jake arms

Established Member
hi xab, I take it you have ticked the box in the ps3 audio settings that says optical then saved it, if so then it must be the amp settings, do you have a menu on screen or on front end of amp, because in the settings you may have to find where to highlight or select (auto input), i.e. optical, composite, coaxal, because if you have 2 optical inputs, not the one thats output youll not get anything from that, like you say then you will definately have to find the auto input part of the amp, good luck. I take it you have no manual with the amp,


Standard Member
hi lads, thanks very much for your messages. Im all sorted at last, i ended up just buying and extension for the component cable and plugging it into the video 3 output for sound..... all 5 speakers are working and it seems this is giving me surround sound without the need for an optical cable ???

So i have my HD picture and good sound which is what i was lookin for.

thanks again for your help !! :thumbsup:

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