PS3 slim turning on when I turn on amp/TV/Sky


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Feb 14, 2007
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Hoo, Kent
I've got my PS3 slim connected to my amp via digital optical, and HDMI to a 3 port socket (which also has my Sky HDMI in it) which then goes to my TV.

Over the last couple of days, when I've turned on either my amp, TV or the Sky box, my PS3 has also powered up. I'm stumped as to why this is happening. There must be a signal coming from either the HDMI socket, or maybe the optical cable, that is causing the PS3 to power up.

Any ideas people? It's extremely confusing and didn't happen with my phat.
Check(on the ps3), in Settings > System Settings > Control for HDMI, that it's "OFF".
Your tv might have Vierra link as well, and the amp too(BRAVIA Sync, possibly), might have an hdmi control option.

Turn them off, if you don't want the ps3 to turn on when you turn on your amp, etc.

The manual for the ps3 explains it:
PS3™ | Control for HDMI
Thanks, should probably have read the manual before posting!!

No too sure if the in box manual contains everything that's been updated, but the online one does.:laugh:

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