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Ps3 slim not reading games and making ejecting sound


Novice Member
Hi guys, heres my problem, ok so i was playing battlefield 3 on my ps3 the other night when the game suddenly froze. I didnt give it much thought because its happened a few times before. However when i swtched off my console and turned it on again the game wasnt showing on the XMB screen. i ejected it and put it in again but it still wasnt showing up, the little icon in the top right of my screen was spinning as if it was trying to read the disc and then it made a sound as if it was trying to eject the disc but didnt. i tried another game but had the same problem. i then tried a dvd and that worked fine. Reluctantly i restored my system hoping this would fix the issue but still nothing, all this did was cause me to lose all my saved data :facepalm:. iv tried finding the answer online and have come to the conclusion i may need a new blu ray drive. i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and how they sorted it. would it be easier (cheaper) to just buy another Ps3 (preowned) or is it repairable. i have to admit im more gutted about losing all my saved data than i am about the actual Ps3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


Distinguished Member
have you done any back ups for your data/ps3 lately?

as for ya other problem, it sounds like the bluray drive has gone
you could replace the drive just check the model number on the back should start with some thing like "cech " then try and find the same drive for your model on ebay
normally about £30/40 could be a bit more

make sure you get the logic board with new/ replacement drive as your old one wont work with the new one

very easy to fit just look for vidz on youtube

is it ps3 phat or the slim ps3 ?


Novice Member
yeah iv been online all afternoon tryin to find a solution and im pretty sure its my blu ray drive which has packed in. i dont really feel confident in takin it apart just in case i damage something else!:suicide: and no i didnt backup my data (foolish i know). its a 120g slim. i guess il just send it in somewhere to have it repaired.
Thanks for ur reply sykotik


Distinguished Member
having a guess it will cost you about £70 to send off and get it fixed ,

taking it apart it's only about 6 screws, the top will slide off and the bluray drive is right on top, then it's a case of disconnecting the ribbon cable and replacing with the new drive

but i understand you not wanting to take it apart :smashin:

good luck on getting it fixed "i couldnt do without bf3 for only a day either " ha ha :D

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