PS3 Slim Fan noise suddenly loud constantly


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PS3 slim has been pretty quiet when bought at launch but last few months the fan would step up a gear and would be a kin to a hair dryer. Used to be after a few hours, but now it's after only 10mins.

Have done various things like moving so it has more space around the unit, vacuumed the vents but it hasn't made any difference.

Wouldn't mind so much if I was playing a load game with loads of bangs and booms, but playing something like XCOM the noise is soooo annoying and ruins the experience.

Is the console on it's way to the grave?
Is there anything I can do to shush it?



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Wish my Phat hadn't broken with the yellow light problem. That machine was so quiet all the time.


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If the fan is kicking in early and staying on then the PS3 either thinks it's getting too hot or the graphics and main processor are actually getting too hot.
Is the air being pushed out warm as soon as the fan kicks in?

If the unit is in clear air and the fan isn't blocked or dirty then it could be the heatsink isn't working well.
If the unit is out of warranty and you are handy with a screwdriver you may be able to get the fan back to normal by stripping it down, cleaning the fan and reapplying new thermal paste.
There is a good strip down guide here
PlayStation 3 Slim Teardown - iFixit
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