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PS3 Slim Blu-Ray Drive issue Fifa 13?


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Hi all - I know that there are already loads of threads regarding Blu-ray drive issues on the PS3, most of which I have already read, but I was hoping somebody could help with a problem I'm having.

First of all, let me tell you how it all started. I have had a PS3 Slim 120GB for 4-5 years with no problems at all, so it's due an issue. The other night I was playing Fifa 13 online when with about 20mins of game time left the commentary dropped out, which I just assumed was Fifa being its usual glitchy self. However at the full time whistle the game crashed. Booo. I ejected the game and ended up having to power off and back on again, but after this my PS3 would not read games or Blu-rays. It tries to read them for a few seconds, then makes an eject noise without ejecting, then nothing. DVD's are fine. After having a look around I found that this is a fairly common issue with quite a few suggested solutions.

So, I have gone into safe mode and used options 3 and 4, with no success, and also taken the PS3 apart and given it a good clean, also with no success. In the end I decided the blu-ray drive itself was dead so ordered a new one (KEM450-AAA as per the original). I installed the new drive and on inserting Fifa 13 was very pleased to see the game load with no problem. Happy days. Until.....with about 20mins of my 1st game left the commentary dropped out and the game crashed at the full time whistle. Now the PS3 won't read games or blu-rays!

So the question is, is this a component issue other than the blu-ray drive i.e. the circuit board that connects to the drive? Or is Fifa 13 somehow frying my blu-ray drive? Or something else???

Any advice would be highly appreciated :)

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