PS3 slim 360gb v 160gb v media player



Q1, My son uses a wd media player in his bedroom connected to a portable hd. Am I right in thinking the ps3 could take the place of the portable hd and be connected to the media player.?
Q2, Can you connect an external hard drive to a ps3 to increase its capacity. I see the newer ones are 160gb and 320gb. Could I purchase a 160gb, see how we get on and then add an external drive later on. If this is possible can you see any negatives in doing this.?
Many thanks:smashin:


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1. Don't know
2. Yes. You can also upgrade the built in HD in addition/as an alternative to connecting an external HDD


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1. Depends on the media that he's playing and if it's compatible with the PS3 (read the Media Guide - link below) - the media player will play far more than the PS3 will though (assuming it's not a WD Mini)
2. Depends on what you want to extend your storage for. If it's media, then yes, external is fine, if it's for game saves/installs/demos etc, then it would have to be internal.


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A1. Devices connected to a PS3 cannot play any content stored on the PS3 without first transferring the content from the PS3 to the device (using the 'Copy' function).

A2. If the external drive has more than a few thousand media files stored on it then it can take the PS3 a long time to fully read the contents before you can browse it properly. For example, I have over 14000 MP3's stored on a USB drive and it takes the PS3 about 7 minutes to fully read the file structure each time it's powered on.

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