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Hi guys,

Maybe someone can give me some advice on this.

short version

I refused delivery from shopto of a ps3, it was sent back to them and they recieved it on the 29 Mar 2007, a chap rang me the next day and said no problem we will refund this to your credit card... I've had nothing since despite numerous mails just asking what the status was.

full version

I had pre-ordered 3 ps3s to cover my ass incase of shortage problems, from Argos, Game, and Shopto respectively, Naturally a week before launch date I cancelled the Argos when I was assured the Game pre-order was set in stone, lovely stuff.

If im honest, at that point in time id forgotten about the shopto order, until I had an email about it, no problem I thought, ill give them a call and get it cancelled, on the Wednesday morning I gave them a tinkle and spoke to a pleasant chap, 'no problem sir, I shall get that cancelled for you right now' great... Until the Thursday, I get a shipping email, thats odd, so I gave them another call, same chap picked up 'ah yes, im really sorry about that, I couldnt find your details, ill cancel it right now'

Later that night I had a few beers, I wonder what would happen if I checked the dispatched emails tracking function, much to my surprise it had gone, so I called home (I was away at the time) and said to tell them to 'return to sender' alas parceline are somewhat slow it would appear, and only returned to sender after trying to deliver 2 more times!

Thursday 29 March the parcel gets back, on the Friday I get a call, 'have you recieved your ps3 sir?' I told them no, expalined the situation RE the chap on the phone telling me he would cancel it TWICE and not, and that it was returned to sender, 'ok no problem ill get that refunded to your card' this has yet to happen, and ive mailed them numerous times without even a response, when before when I mailed them, I was getting responses within the hour.


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I would call them back and ask why you have not had your refund, then tell them about the credit card charges/interest you are going to be charged because of their cock up.

The guy will obviously tell you that you will get a refund, thats the easy part, whether or not he will do it or not is a different thing entirely. So, ask him to email you confirmation of the intention that he will give you a refund, while you are on the phone to him, there is no reason he should not be able to do this.

Once the guys name is on an email he will be a lot more likely to sort this out for you, because at the end of the day people on the end of a phone usually don't give a toss, I know this as I used to work in a call centre. (Not everyone though, my mum works in a call centre and I can't believe just how much she goes out of her way, I tell her not to bother.)


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I've cancelled a BR remote with then & a game and managed to do it before anything was sent but they were charged.

They refunded in about 4 days.

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