PS3 - Shadowing via component cable!


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Recently bought a PS3 and already have a projector set up... down side it only accepts VGA (or component through VGA). So I grabbed a 'Logic3' component cable and set it up all fine.

Picture looks okay... however I've noticed some annoying shadowing on the picture! (At least I think that's what it's called, picture is on this post.)

I whacked it through my TV as well using component and I've had the same problem, so it's nothing to do with the Projector.

Is this an inherent problem with using component cable on PS3, or is it due to a poor cable (it was less then a fiver on fleabay).

If so can anyone recommend a decent cable? Or perhaps a cheap HDMI-VGA converter... I considered HDFury but I'm a student and subsequently skint!! :(

Any help much appreciated :smashin:


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