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PS3 Scratches need help !!!


Standard Member
When i put my PS3 console up to the light bulb or sunlight there are heaps of scratches on the casing top/bottom. I wanted to know is this normal or are they real scratches & not reflection from light? Does this happen to your console? PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTION & HELP ME !

My PS3 is only 8days old .:lease::lease::lease::lease::lease:


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I think you can buy scratch concealing polish, but not sure from where.


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I got the same scratches on my PS3 aswell. You can only see it if you put it directly up to the light otherwise it looks in very good condition.


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I think this is a common problem. A few friends off mine are in the same boat. I've only had mine for about 2weeks and dust it everyday with a soft cloth and nothing else yet if i put it up to the light on an angle its covered in scratches. Don't worry about it mate, it works and does what it needs to do so all is good! :D


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They scratch really easily, when I got my first one on launch day I scratched it on the door catch of my av cabinet. Luckily (or unluckily depending on how you look at it) it didnt work out of the box so I swapped it for a new one which I was more careful with. The retailer didnt say a word about the scratches.


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the back of my squeezebox duet is the same... although thats constantly in contact with my coffee table. I might give that polish a whirl


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Some white spirit and wire-wool will get it shinning in no time, just make sure you apply plenty of elbow grease :smashin:


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The surface of mines is also scratched but I havnt used it since I got it basiccly no its not heavy scratches just like surface stuff, But thats what you get from the finish I guess


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The best gear to remove scratches is supposed to be Novus, you can get it on fleabay........;)


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I was going to post the same topic! :clap:

Mine has scratches on it too, not noticeable unless you hold it up to the light. I'm pretty careful with mine, but transport it to work every now and again, that's probably whats done it.

Don't think I'll worry too much about it though, unless I sell it, which is VERY doubtful!!


let me know how you get on with the polish for those that have ordered it! i did another mates ps3 with it last night and it came up like new. Like i said earlier though, make sure you get a decent microfiber cloth as well that won't add its own hairline scratches


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buy some meguiars scratch X from halfords etc
and an applicator pad it removes fine scratches with a bit of elbow grease its good stuff car detailers use it

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