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PS3 Scart to VGA Digimate L-2362WD


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Hi, does anyone know whether the following would work please?

I want to connect my ps3 to a Digimate L-2362WD but the monitor doesnt have a HDMI connection or HDCP. It does however have DVI and VGA.

I was wondering if I used a Scart to VGA cable I could get this to work.

I plan on using the following cabling:

Scart to VGA Cable:

Other Scart: (yeh this is new to me sorry dont know the name)


What I plan on doing is plugging one end of the above scart into ps3 and the other end into the scart to vga lead, then the vga bit into the monitor. then for audio I use the red and white connection with speakers.

Sorry if this sounds confusing, it may be all wrong, but thought id ask.. save myself money buyin new tv.

Thanks all.


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I was about to write that you get a HDMI to DVI cable, but having had a look at your post and the monitors spec, without HDCP, it's not going to work.

You could buy a HD Fury. It will cost you about 50 - 60 quid, but trust me, it will be massively better than any kind of scart converter. This is because scart will only manage 576i (that's i for interlace), whereas your screen will do 1080p and the HD Fury will allow to do that.


Hope this helps.


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The unit from Amazon won't work as it doesn't convert the interlaced output from the scart to a progressive signal required by the vga input. The Amazon unit is for displays that can accept the scart signal. It's unlikely that your monitor can do that.

Try the unit that gunrock suggests (it's relatively cheap), or get a new monitor.



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Thanks for the replies, appreciate it.

One last thing though before I just buy new monitor or the HD fury, would an AV to VGA cable work?

Amazon.com: Wii/PS3 VGA HDTV AV Cable: Nintendo Wii: Video Games

Ive read that some people have got this to work with a monitor that doesn't have HDCP. Thanks again!

A quote from customers that bought the cable 'good product... great seller... read instructions on the back!!
This item will allow you to display your PS3 to any LCD monitor regardless of the specs. ' .

Someone even said they got this to work with an old CRT monitor that just had VGA!
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Well I tried this and couldn't get it to work. Did you use the VGA or DVI port? I tried HDMI cable from PS3 to HDMI/DVI-D converter plug.

This works on another monitor which is HDCP compliant but this is not.

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