PS3 > RXV1075>Epson 9100w = No Sound

dean randle

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Anyone got any experience of issues with no sound from ps3 when switching from TV to wireless epson?
Just upgraded old receiver to Yamaha RXV1075 and it will play sound from ps3 source perfectly over HDMI when watching on the TV. When I switch the epson wireless box to the pj, nothing but the picture.

I have all my inputs going into the receiver, and I am running HDMI1 out to the epson wireless, then have that HDMI out into the TV. I haven't tried the HDMI2 out into the pj, as I was intending to send that to another TV in the house.

Any help will be much appreciated.

dean randle

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Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier, but the ps3 goes into the amplifier via hdmi. There is then a hdmi out from the amp into the epson wireless box. There is then a hdmi out into the tv. At this stage everything works as expected. It is only when i chose to switch the signal from the epson wirelesss box to wireless, rather than use the hdmi to the tv that the sound disappears.



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The best thing to do is switch hdmi 1 and 2 around, you haven't tried this, but it's the most sensible option, even temporarily, if suddenly you gain sound and picture for the projector, but lose it for the tv it means zone 1 (hdmi 1) is set up to do dumb stuff with the sound, so you'll have to dig through the menu and make sure it's outputting to the correct speakers.

Also is your sound coming out of your tv speakers when using it in HDMI 1? Or do you have a proper set of speakers attached to the amp?


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I would also put the HDMI into your TV straight from your amp rather than from the wireless transmitter as it sounds like it's splitting the video and sound.

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