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Sorry if a designated thread for this exists! forum members have reported that by quickly pressing square symbol button on the ps3 controller, they are able to watch a region A film on a UK ps3. Is this only with certain titles? or is it safe for me to start buying region A titles.
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I believe this is just for some of the New Line titles (Shoot em up, Orphanage...), may be all New Line but not sure.

So not safe to buy all Region A titles as Fox and others certainly still region code discs.


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Give it a shot and post your thoughts.:hiya:

Indiana Jones

Its worth mentioning that you cant do vice versa i.e. use the trick to play a UK New Line title on a US PS3

Indiana Jones

so i guess all new line discs, from all round the world, work this way then?

Like I said you cant use the same region bypass trick to get UK discs working on a US PS3 so looks like its a trick limited to Region A discs only.

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