PS3 Picture Problem - Help!

Andy H

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Bought my PS3 last weekend and it's been great as I've played it for a couple of hours each day until this afternoon.

Whilst playing Sonic the screen started to develop rectangular boxes of what looks like dead pixels. They flicker across the screen to begin with and in time become stable horizonal lines down the screen.

They tend to be primary colours, for eg the main menu background is making them a strong lime green at the mo.

They started off as one or two but quickly dominated the whole screen.

I reset the machine, unplugged the HDMI and plugged back in which cleared them up but starting to come back again.

It's almost like static or something.

using a QED HDMI on a panasonic lcd, never had issues with the tv or QED leads before.

The console has been fine for the last week until today. Both games and BD films.

Any ideas/advice?

Couldn't find any threads for this problem, cheers


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The two things I would suggest trying are 1. try another cable (just in case) and 2. see if your ps is overheating a bit by trying it somewhere cooler (I don't know where you have it placed, but it could be an option!)


Andy H

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will do, really odd tho, just put on Motor Storm and it was fine.
went back to the menu and this...(attached)

will try another lead, it's in a pretty open area on the shelf so shouldn't be too hot, but yeah today is a pretty hot one!


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Looks like buggy software potentially - is the audio icon highlighted? If so can you see the vertical bar that should be there?



Looks like video ram corruption to me, possibly because of overheating.. Get the unit swapped out.

Andy H

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reckon best plan is to get an exchange on the console.

tried another lead - same

turned off for a number of hours - lovely for 5 min and then worse than before.

odd tho, menu and Sonic are funked like my pic above but Motor Storm and Bond BD are flawless once put in and running, return to the menu and same again.


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