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ps3 pic quality


is there any real difference in pic quality between dvd upscaled to 1080p than a blu ray dvd on ps3 .just bought ps3[novice] and cant see much difference apart frm better sound on blu ray ...both dvds look great


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There should be!

I don’t have a PS3, but I’ve seen enough Blu-ray discs played back through PS3’s to know that they can look head and shoulders better than normal SD (standard definition) discs.

Obviously you need to have a Hi-Def screen connected correctly to your PS3 and you need to make sure your all your settings are correct.

I’m sure if you need help, others with first hand experience can advise you.


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is there any real difference in pic quality between dvd upscaled to 1080p than a blu ray dvd on ps3 .just bought ps3[novice] and cant see much difference apart frm better sound on blu ray ...both dvds look great

The short answer is YES. But it also depends on your display i.e. screen size/resolution and how far back you sit when viewing. Beyond a certain viewing distance the benefits reduce due the limits of visual acuity.

What's your display/viewing distance ?


Max N

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It is true that the PS3 does a very good job of upscaling SD DVDs, better than my Oppo 981, so DVDs will look pretty good.

I have a 37" 1080P screen and I sit about 4m away. To be honest, the differences between a good upscaled SD DVD and Blu Ray aren't that great from my sitting position. A good clean SD DVD upscaled is very acceptable at that size/distance. If I get up and walk towards the screen, it becomes very obvious how much better Blu Ray is. So really you need a bigger screen to get the full benefit. But the downside of a bigger screen is that any poor quality SD broadcast channel will look really bad.

For me a 37" screen is a good compromise at the moment because Blu Ray and Sky HD look really good, but most SD channels are still watchable.

When there is more HD broadcast content I might go for a bigger screen. There is so much detail available from Blu Ray or HD DVD that a projector starts to make sense, but then some SD broadcast stuff would be a nightmare


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I have a 42" 1080p LCD TV and the PQ from the PS3 is excellent - my set does support 1080p/24fps - and the PQ is fantastic. I sit about 4 metres from the screen when viewing, and the difference with SD and HD is very noticable - there is a much greater 3D effect with HD - hard to explain unless you look at it!

Are you sure you have your PS3 setup correctly? maybe you've not set the output to 1080p which might explain why SD and HD look the same! And I'm curious as to the sound improvment.. are you using HDMI PCM output or optical audio.




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Makes a big difference to me on my setup, Lots of factors as mentioned above also what Blue-ray discs have you watched as some are pretty crappy quality ?


thanks for replys
i have sony42 x series ...yes the display is 1080p ....and it automatically informs u the display in left hand corner / what im trying to say , with the ps3 now upscaling sd dvds to 1080 p some of my dvds now look good as blu ray ..which r outstanding .. therefore is it worth the extra expense to buy blu ray dvds .. albeit the sound is better i feel on blu ray .

ps the transformers trailer thats downloadable on the ps3 is simply stunning
best iv seen.,,,therefore i guess its down to the individual blu ray dvd


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Bought one yesterday and i have a arcam DV139 and yes bluray is better than upscaled dvd off the PS3. But my first impressions wasnt that good pic was all washed out until i went into the setup options and found a setting for HDMI RGB with two options limited or full range it was set to limited as default so i set it to full range and i tell you massive difference in pic quality.Blacks were blacks and pic was more solid and sharper.Best buy for bluray until standalone players drop in price and have profile 2.0.

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