PS3 PCM 176khz support on old amp via optical?


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I have a JVC-5022R receiver with an optical input,
accepting DD and DTS 5.1 channels. and decodes PL-II.
it doesn't have the newer DD-EX and DTS-ES decoders or PL-IIx.

It's a +/- 2002 model and I need to know if it will support 176khz PCM over the optical connection from the PS3.

When I select the 176khz option on the PS3, it confirms if I am sure because it may damage the components.

Is it safe to try?

(I would like to have my audio transported at the highest sampling rate as I have a good sound setup and want to exploit its capabilities)

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Your older JVC quite probably doesn't support that speed (few receivers do) and if it did, it would be written in large letters all over the front as a major selling point. I would also suggest you don't try it as the PS3 warning is quite llikely to be accurate. You probably wouldn't shoot yourself in the foot just to see if it really did hurt either.

Unless of course you're looking for an excuse to replace the JVC ;).


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Thanks man for the advice,
It'll be best not to try that output.

I'm still quite upset that Sony removed Super-Audio CD playback on the PS3.
I have a hybrid disc but got no SACD player to listen to the HD track, can't even rip the full HD track either, so for now all I have access to is the Red Book layer :(

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