PS3 online via ICS: Any success stories?


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Hi there,

I recently aquired a new 40Gb PS3, but am having troubles getting the damn thing online. My problem, like a lot of others, is the dreaded NAT type 3. I want to connect my PS3 to my PC to use its wireless connection via ICS. My PC uses a stronger aerial and has 100% signal strength compared to the 60% that my PS3 quotes using its built in wireless so I want to use my PC's connection for obvious reasons.

Using ICS and running the PS3 connection test I always seem to have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a NAT type 3 which obviously isnt ideal, I have opened all needed ports from my router and also on Windows firewall. UPnP is never available using ICS although it is available if I bridge the connection instead of ICS but still occasionally get a NAT type 3.

Does anyone know any solutions to this problem? Or does anyone succesfully use ICS and PS3 together with a constant NAT type 2? What equipment do you use?

My equipment is as follows:

Netgear WPN824 wireless router.
Netgear WPN311 PCI wireless card.
Windows XP Professional.
Virgin 20mb cable.


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Can I ask why you're using ICS to connect the PS3? I would connect it to the outside world straight through your router, which is how I have mine at home (in fact, mine connects to a wireless access point on my home network, which then passes on to the broadband connection). There shouldn't be any need to involve the PC, which would have to be turned on just to use your PS3...


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As I said in my opening post, the wireless connection from my PC is a lot stronger than my PS3's and I have no intention of running 30 metres of ethernet cable over the house. Also I used ICS with xbox live for 2 years with no problems at all. The NAT on that was always set at open.


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My problem, like a lot of others, is the dreaded NAT type 3.

Do you actually have any problems manifesting themself? I had NAT type 3 on my PS3 and never experienced any problems.

If you run at 60% signal strength do you experience any issues? Why not ping from your PC to your PS3 while they are both connected directly to the router. You will most probably find there is little difference, I would only worry if you get a lot of packet loss.

It sounds like you are worrying over non-issues, if you have actual hard evidence that the connection at 60% signal strength is detrimental to your connection, then ICS may be an option.

If you have the cash, then you could look at homeplugs, that use your internal electricity wiring to transfer the data.

The other issue with ICS is that it is not that great for power consumption :) Think how environmentally friendly you will be, or how much power you will save with the horrendous increase in power costs this year :)


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I probably am worrying over non issues, but im an obsessive perfectionist! I cant rest until I know its right! :rolleyes::suicide:

Homeplugs I like the sound of but since you cant use them on surge protectors / extension leads, im pretty much out of that one already.

I will try out the PS3 in built wireless as you said but I suppose after being used to ICS with near perfect signal with no NAT problems with my old Xbox 360, I kind of expected the same from the PS3 when I traded in my 360 for it.

Thanks for your reply.


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Just in case it helps anyone else, I solved my problem by activating UPnP in the ICS settings in Windows xp. Go to Network Connections, Right click the connection your wanting to share and go to Properties, then Advanced, then settings under ICS and make sure the 2 UPnP boxes are ticked.

My PS3 then had UPnP available and its been NAT type 2 ever since, closed all the ports I forwarded as well.

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