ps3 you think it will improve?


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do you think the ps3 online will get any better?
its very very poor at the minute with the voice and gameplay
whats the point of a buddys list if you cant invite?

come on sony pull your finger out, if you want to get anywhere close to 360 online theres a major revamp required already


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Yes it will, Sony say everything you can do in Home will be doable from the main XMB, and from what I saw on the home triler you can get from the US PS Store one of the options is having a chat with all your mates and then taking them all straight in to a game so it looks like we'll just have to hold on to our horses for the moment :)


All things get better with time, apart from bananas.


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All things get better with time, apart from bananas.

You're obviously not married or you'd know that statement isn't true.:( ;)

I have no doubt at all that the online side of things will get better. It's a brand new console and Sony's first real foray in to on line gaming so things are bound to be somewhat immature.

Having said that though I seriously doubt it will ever match MS's Live service for the simple reason that it's free. Not to mention MS's software expertise.

To be fair it's pretty good at the moment for nowt so any improvements they make are a huge bonus.


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has there been any improvments with the chat on m storm? i tried with a head set when i first got my ps3 & it was a bit poor.

Tony Hoyle

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Well you talk, and people hear you. Not sure what you mean by 'poor'.

Of course hardly anyone actually chats (which is actually an improvement on a lot of games.. there's a reason why I chucked my 360 headset...).


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by poor i mean it was **** the sound kept breaking up. i was not the only one to complain about this .so either it has improved or no-one is useing their headsets

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