PS3 now supports 50i for HD footage


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Sony's latest firmware version for PS3 (v2.5) nows provides support for proper 50i playback of HDV footage, not the 50/60i conversion which was previously employed which caused motion judder:


* [BD/DVD Settings] has been renamed as [Video Settings].
* Under [Video Settings], the [Cinema Conversion] and [Upscale] options have been renamed as [BD/DVD Cinema Conversion] and [BD/DVD Upscaler], respectively.
* [Sequential Playback] and [50 Hz Video Output] have been added as options under [Video Settings].

Official PlayStation website: System Software- Update features (ver 2.50)


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This was fantastic new for me. I was waiting for this for about a year ever since I got my Canon HV20 HDV. All my footage was transferred with HDVsplit on a portable hard disk but was juttery(if there is such a word) on the PS3, now its perfect!

Thanks SONY :thumbsup:

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