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PS3 NAS MediaServer Software Recommendations


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Hi, I've been looking through these forums for half a day and can't quite get the answer I'm looking for. I'm pretty new to this, but here is what I want:

Primarily - I want to store all media (music, videos, photos) on a NAS (connected to my Billion 7404VGP router). I want to stream the media to my PS3. I do not want to have a PC running for this job. I don't want to build an HTPC. (It seems to me that the PS3 should have the power to do all the processing, and I should be able to store the data on a remote drive (NAS). The idea of setting up a PC instead of a NAS seems like a duplication of hardware).

What I've learnt so far:
There are plenty pieces of media server software available (as per the sticky guide here). The guide doesn't say whether they can run from a NAS though. I believe Twonky can run from a NAS. I've seen some reviews that Twonky is a bit average: (QNAP NAS Community Forum • View topic - Twonky is not really a media server). Are there any others?

The media server of choice seems to be the Java "PS3 Media Server". Does this run on a NAS?

Do you have to have a media server to stream media to the PS3? If the NAS was just a basic storage device - e.g. network drive - can you still stream the data?

I'd like to be able to manage the media libraries stored on the NAS via a web interface - not via the PS3. I'd like to be able to ensure MP3 tags are correct, folder structures organised etc.

I've got some media stored on the PS3's internal drive, but I find the interface on the PS3 - the XMB - almost unusable. The files are all over the place, and its next to impossible to create a playlist, it takes ages to scroll through the files... I'm not sure if streaming from a media server makes this easier? Is there any better interface for the PS3? (I did come across a hack called PS3 megabox which looks great, but no longer available / under development??)

Eventually, I'd like to be able to add other network devices like AirPort express to play music in other areas of the house. Also, I'd like to get a DLNA TV and stream direct to the TV, instead of the PS3.

Any recommendations / comments would be appreciated.



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So I've been thinking more about what I really want.

- I want to be able to play music on my home theatre speakers as easily as possible.
- I don't want to have to wait for things to boot up just to play a song
- I want to have control of the way my MP3s are stored - ie folder structures, tags, etc.
- I don't want any humming / fan noise at the theatre location

- Reliable storage device that can double as backup server
- Extendable to other media - movies, photos etc - that can be streamed to PS3
- Compatability with Android and iPhone for remote control

- Tight
- Willing to buy new hard drives, and some basic software

- I've got a PIII 450MHz box, which is probably operational
- I've got a bit of an idea about running linux, but really find it much harder to use than windows.

I need to have a set of "remote speakers" at the theatre location. I reckon the best device is the Apple AirTunes/Airport Express unit - because it has compatability with the media server software (iTunes / XBMC) and also iPhone/Android.

AirTunes/Airport Express is natively supported by iTunes - which lends me to using iTunes. But I have found the there is a piece of software called AirFoil that does a similar thing. AirFoil can send ALL of the sound from a PC/MAC to an Airport Express. This would then allow the media server/library to be non-iTunes - e.g. XBMC. I'd prefer XBMC because iTunes wreaks havoc with the MP3 files.

AirFoil only runs on XP or Mac, not Linux. I'd like to run the box as a linux machine, but this is the sticking point - I can't find any solution that will run remote speakers from Linux. So, therefore I need to run XP.

For the media server software, XBMC seems to be the best choice for me. It is very functional, and has remote apps for both iPhone and Android. AirFoil will take care of streaming to the Airport Express, and the PS3 can stream photos / videos from the server. The PS3 could also play the music, but this means booting the PS3, and having the TV screen turned on too - just too much time / overhead to listen to music.

SO here's what I'm planning
- buy hardware raid controller and 2x SATA 500GB drives, setup in raid 1 (for redundant backup)
- have 3rd hard drive in machine just for operating system
- Install XP pro
- Install XBMC media server
- Install AirFoil ($25)
- Run as a headless box in another room, connected to router via ethernet
- AirTunes/Airport Express in theatre room
- Install XBMC remote apps on wife's iPhone and my Android
- Setup shares on server for data storage / backup

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