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PS3 Motion Controller


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Bit late to the party :rolleyes: i am sure it has been developemtn for some time so can hardly be called a copy, let alone a copy of MSofts stuff lol


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Has anyone heard of Sony's plan to release a motion controller? I mean, what a complete copy of the Wii remote and the 360's Natal. Anyway, I've posted the link below for you guys to check out! :thumbsup:

Sony Demonstrates Prototype Motion Controller News | Video Game Event News, Latest Trailers | GameTrailers.comhttp://http://www.gametrailers.com/news/sony-demonstrates-prototype/976

how is it a copy of Natal? it uses the eyetoy technology which has been around since ps2 days?


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A copy of the wii remote? Yes. A copy of Natal? No. Natal was announced at E3 just like sony's motion controller. Also from the looks of things, it is exactly what turned up in a patent from them a few months back, whereas romours of the microsoft camera bar thing (natal) didn't surface until much later.


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IMO the project natal is a way better concept.

The PS3 motion thing is pretty cool. Better than wii motion plus at any rate.

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Concept, Concept, Concept..... It was all Concept for Microsoft's Milo thing :rotfl:

Sony's motion controller looks the most believable


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Concept, Concept, Concept..... It was all Concept for Microsoft's Milo thing :rotfl:

Sony's motion controller looks the most believable

To a degree but the tech is there and the concept is potentially astonishing when you think about it. I can't see there being too much software to back it up for a good while yet though.

Sony's looked great as well and I can see there being some great fun games for it:)


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Concept, Concept, Concept..... It was all Concept for Microsoft's Milo thing :rotfl:

Sony's motion controller looks the most believable

I completely agree. Love how the Microsoft side are slagging this but not project Natal... but as you said above it just a concept (hence the word "project"). Whereas the motion controller went the other way and kind of undersold themselves, I think it could be even better than the conference showed. If the porject natal comes even close to what was shown I will eat my hat but I am not buying into it at the moment. The motion controller is much more believable.

P.S am I right in saying it will just work with the current PS3 eye?


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thats what it was hooked up to at the conference.


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If Lucasarts get their hands on this and make a PROPER Star Wars game, I'm sold.

Otherwise it's a definite maybe for me... Not overly sold on the whole motion control gubbins, the Wii's mainly for the missus and parties...

Edit: Was there any mention of the "break-apart" element of the tech at all? Or will you have to get 2 in order to do the whole "bow an arrow" thing I wonder...


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I can see how the PS3 Eye might be able to track X and Y axis movement but I'm not sure how it copes with Z axis (moving in and out of the screen). There must be more to it. i think the Wii uses infrared and accelerometers so maybe there's a similar feedback bar needed for the PS3 to get this to work.

Also, part of the presentation where one of the guys was writing on the board showed that the tracking was very accurate so I can't see how the Eye could do this as it's only VGA.

Out of the two concepts announced at E3, I think the Motion Controller (I hope Sony come up with a snazzy name for it!) seems like a better system purely because you'd have something you can hold and I think this is why the Wii has done so well. I doubt I'll be buying one though (I've played about on a Wii and although it's clever I just got bored of all the games very quickly).

The Natal is definitely more impressive from a technical perspective if it can do everything in the demos just as well in real life but I still think it'll be a bit of a struggle interacting with a game "in thin air" though. It's very early days yet and it doesn't really matter how good these controllers are without the games to make the best out of them.

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