PS3, media streaming and a Billion 7500gl - help needed!

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I've just bought myself a new PS3, and try as hard as I might, I cannot get the media streaming to work, no matter which streaming software I use on my PC (have tried TVersity, Nero Mediahome).

I have a slightly unusual setup in that my ISP provides me with a /29 public subnet (I share a house with others who need to VPN into work etc). At the moment, it is set so that my router is at 82.152.61.xx3 with the 3 PCs in the house connected to .xx4, .xx5 and .xx7, with .xx4 and .xx7 being set permanently. I use the routers DHCP server to allocate IPs from the available range of .xx4 to .xx8, all on the same subnet. When using my PS3 in either wired or wireless mode, it is allocated .xx6 automatically, can see the internet fine and can use the PS3 store etc etc. In this mode I can ping the PS3 from my PC fine, but the PS3 cannot find any media servers when they are running on the PC, and Nero Mediahome cannot see the PS3 as an available playback device.

As I understand it the PS3 assumes the it is sitting behind NAT, which is not the case here. So, in case this was the problem I created an alias for the router of I have a second NIC built into my PC's mobo, so I enabled that and wired it into the router, set as a static IP of on the PC side. I also manually configured the PS3 to use, with the router's alias of set as the default gateway for both. Configuring the DNS server settings either as the router (it has an option to do that) or as the actual DNS servers produces the same results: neither the PC on the internal IP or the PS3 on the internal IP can access the outside world, although once again the PC can ping the PS3 over the internal IPs (to test the internal IP on the PC I temporarily disable the NIC that has the static public IP).

Can anyone be of any help here? I appreciate that my setup isn't exactly standard, but I'd really like to be able to stream media via the PS3s inbuilt players rather than have to resort to an http based interface that I could use through the PS3s web browser.



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