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PS3 Lifespan


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Hey all,

As someone finally coming around to the idea of buying a games console, I was just wondering what you guys think of the expected lifespan of the PS3.

By lifespan I mean, if I bought one now, how likely is it that the PS4 will be released...next year, for example?

Its encouraging that, as far as I know, the Wand thing, will be PS3 based, but still...what are your thoughts?

When will see a new console, which may make this one 'obselete'?

Edit - Not natal, its the Wand thing
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How long is a piece of string? Sony said 10 years back in 2005 or something. Id say PS4 in another 5 years, maybe more as they need to recoup some monies from this gen.

In the end, its pointless speculating.

Natal is 360 based and effing crap0rama. Wii shovel ware is ready and waiting.


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Sorry Project Natal is Xbox 360 only, the wand (or whatever its going to be called) is PS3.

I believe that both Sony and Microsoft have plans to keep their current NextGen console for a life of 10 years, by keeping them current with firmware updates and controllers.

Citizen J

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Sorry Project Natal is Xbox 360 only, the wand (or whatever its going to be called) is PS3.

I believe that both Sony and Microsoft have plans to keep their current NextGen console for a life of 10 years, by keeping them current with firmware updates and controllers.

I agree I don't think we will see consoles emerging as "often" as we have in the past. Both companies have taken hits in the recession and both launched their consoles with HD having not being around for much. theoretically there doesn't really seem to be a need for a new console in the net couple of years. Would be far too premature IMO.


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I agree, seeing how good some of the later generation of PS2 games (God of War II being one of them) looked compared to the original launch titles, it is surprising how much extra graphical capabilities were pulled from a console that at the time (2007) was 7 years old. The PS2 is still seeing some new releases this year so if the PS2 can last 10 years, I can't imagine why the PS3 can't.

It was said when the PS3 came out that it was difficult to develop for because of it's unusual configuration; as developers get more and more experience developing software for the platform, games will start to look better and better. The same can be said for the 360 too - compare Mass Effect 1 and 2 for good examples. Mass Effect 1 had some terrible slowdown in places and some bad texture pop-in but the new game manages to cure these issues and look even better on the same hardware.


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PS4, another 4-5 years I suspect. 360 replacement, 2-3 at most I'd hazard a guess.

As much as I agree that both manufacturers have taken a hit with the global economy being what it is, M$ can just divert more cash into their gaming division as/when needed.

Just look at the $20 million paid for the 30 days exclusive on the MW2 DLC by M$. The dollar sign is there for a reason...

I wouldn't let that stop me buying either though. The best is yet to come from both pieces of kit.


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If you wanted to get the most out of the lifespan you would have had to pay £425 anyway, now you can spend around £230 and get a newer slimmer model - or you can get a PS2 on it's last legs for £80 (or whatever they cost now), so really it's all swings and roundabouts.

Sony have a proven track record of actively supporting consoles for 10+ years, just look at how many PS2's are still being sold each month and 2010 has several new PS2 game releases. That is not to say a PS4 won't come out before the PS3's 10th Birthday, just that you don't have to worry about having the door slammed in your face like what happened to Xbox owners when the 360 launched (something MS have later acknowledged as a poor judgement on their part).

It sounds that you aren't an 'early adopter' interested in the bleeding edge of tech anyway so you could argue even if a PS4 came out next year (it won't btw) you will still be waiting 3 years to get one like you have done with the PS3...

I firmly believe that due to a number of factors like the cost of games development, the online firmware-upgradable infrastructure, the recession, and even the Wii showing graphics aren't the key to success, the lifecycles of consoles will be a lot longer than traditionally was the case.

When you look at where the PS3 is to where it started, and look at what has already been confirmed for 2010 like 3D firmware updates and motion controls it's hard to justify the need for a new console yet. Similarly with the 360 you've had the NXE and things like Twitter/Facebook and this year will have Natal etc. Traditionally all these enhancements would have been enough to justify a 'new generation' now they just evolve the current one in a very 'Apple' approach to feature upgrades. The only thing that can't really be upgraded on the current gen is the graphics - but many people don't even game in HD yet, nevermind 3D, and it hasn't stopped the Wii being a hit...

If the Motion Controllers for both consoles are a success I would say it could be as late as 2015 before we see a new console (the 360's 10th Birthday), if they don't make such a splash it could be as soon as 2013 - but I can't see it being earlier then this.

So even at the earliest (2013) added to your console purchasing habits (waiting and seeing for a few years) you could argue that at a minimum you could be getting 6 years out of a PS3, and at a £230 purchase that's a mere £38 a year - bargain!


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I think 4 or 5 years.

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