Ps3 keep freezing and it won't load any of my games??


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What model PS3 have you got, Fat/Slim?

Before I got my slim my my fat PS3 decided to packup it was freezing and wouldnt read disks. After reading several forum topics and viewing several youtube videos I found out that it was the laser in the bluray drive and that this is quite a common problem with the older Fat consoles.

If it is this problem there are plenty videos which show you how to clean the lense on the laser on youtube. I tried this on mine but it didnt work, so the options I had were buy a new bluray drive for what I thought to be a LOT of money or sell your PS3 on ebay and use the cash the buy a new slimline model.

This might not even be the issue but hope this helps


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take it out of the freezer :smashin:

Dave H

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My PS3 fat freeze's every now and then but only on MW2 !


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