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Hello There
Took delivery of my ps3 a few days ago but am still unable to go online with it.. i have a wired connection via a hub (DB and 360 connected and working fine) and a linksys wrt54g router firmware version 3.03.1 ive googled the problem but with no joy have tried to enable dmz as suggested on one u.s. site but still no joy it obtains an ip but fails on the internet option and yes this is enabled in settings im hoping to get some info of uk based ps3 owners so ill know that its a problem with my network. Its a jap version and though the seller claimed it was the same region as the UK am unable to play pal dvds pal broadcast not supported, will this be the same for bluray movies ??? i know the games are region free, any help will be greatfully recieved

many thanks


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Can't help you on the network. I believe it may be the same region as the UK for DVDs but it uses NTSC wheras we use PAL. Blu Ray will not be the same region as the UK. The Japanese versions are Region A which is the same as the US so you can get Blu Ray from the US or Far East. UK Blu Rays will not work.


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Thxs for the info on the region code big help not really a prob geting us films so just need to sort out network :rotfl:

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