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Dec 24, 2005
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St Helens
Can someone list me all the PS3 importers please, and which ones are the best ones to go for for price, delivery, non custom chargers, and service.

Thanks In Advance
Renchi are pretty good, or you should try your local import shop. I got mine through a mate of ebay..... If you get one Add me to your friends list dude

what are these like with delivery on ps3 consoles, and custom chargers.

is the honk kong ps3 best to get?
should i mark the invoice down with renchi, or leave it the same, as they state if its lost they will only refund me for what i told them to mark it as
I never bought a console of them, but I buy games frequently off them for my PS3 and PSP, I would advise you not to mark down the invoice (I wouldn't take the risk with a console), you may have to pay import dependent on the courrier this varies from case to case. They are very reliable, once your order has been dispatched they send you a tracking number. I get my games within 2-3 working days....

My advice if your importing is to get a Japanese one, they are the same blu-ray region code as a America and you can then watch Movies in English.... The menus on the Japanese model can be set to English.... And the games are region free....
Have you not heard of ...


Give it a try , you never know your luck ;)
Delboy i think if you search the forums here you'll find answers to most of your questions

Good Luck
Considering Sony have threatened to shut down anyone who exports PS3 out of their home territory, there aren't many retailers that are willing to ship abroad, hence most people buying off individuals from E-bay or Google auctions etc.

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