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i've got the ps3, i've now got the tv (comet did me a cracking deal on the samsung LE46M87BDX/XEU in the end for sub 1k and a free monster HDMI cable)

so what surround sound system do i need now?
do i go for an all in one or a seperates and if so what do people reccomend?:gr8:
do i stick with 5.1 or do i go for 7.1
the ps3 is the only thing for now that will run through it and then also sky hd sooner rather than later

i'd say about £600 would be my limit (although i could be pushed)

i had the sony dav-sc5 in before but thats now been moved to the bedroom for the JVC CRT and the missis says i can splash out on a new one (bear in mind though that i'm gonna have to push her to the £600 seeing as the dav-sc5 was about £300 tops - IIRC about £249 - when we bought it)


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1. stick to 5.1 (as its cheaper, takes up less space, and not alot is in 7.1)

2. buy an HDMI equipped av receiver, there is a sony one for about £260 at the bottom end, or the onkyo 605 can be had for £350 ad is very very good.

3. buy a small set of surropund speakers/sub. Maybe the KEF 1005 or 2005 series would suit you.

These two will blow you away compared to one of those cheap-ish dvd home cinema packages you can buy in currys/comet. The cost is more (maybe around £600 with cabling) but very much worth it.


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You can pick up a Sony STR DG910 for around £240. Obviously the Onkyo 605 (£350-£400) is the current golden child (quite rightly), so this would be another step up. Both of these will allow you to listen to the uncompressed audio decoded by the PS3. It also has 3 HDMI inputs. That leaves you whatever you want to spend on speakers. Jamo JA-A102HCS5, around £200, are quite well thought of and would leave you a few quid for cabling and less trouble with the wife! You would have a system that would blow away any comparable all in one system.

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