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ps3 help


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My husbands ps3 will not read any of his game disk
but it will play the games that he downloaded can any
One help me to help him fix it please at get it to read
the game disk until I can get him a new ps3 the slim one
he has a 40g ps3 now and that's the one with the problem
if. Can help I thank u.


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mine did exactly the same thing last week and mine is a 40gb thats only 16 months old with very light use, so i was not to pleased to say the least:mad: but i phoned up sony customer services they want £99 for a refurb console with 3 months warranty and after a heated conversation with the guy i demanded to speak to a manager but no one was available so i got a callback the next day still sticking to there guns about the console being out of warranty, we had a little chat and the end result is there picking up my console monday for repair free of charge:thumbsup:
it really should not be like this they know its a problem but refuse to admit this:mad:
at least microsoft admitted there problem with the 360 and extended the warrantys to 3 years...
come on sony :thumbsdow

Deleted member 173019

Must admit I just got shot of my 360 after it going BANG after not being used for several months, now considering a PS3 but finding it hard to believe that these companies are allowed too sell potentiall faulty products that have been designed with errors simply because there is a "need" for them. Especially at the prices they charge, £250+ is not disposable and neither should the consoles be.



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Happened to both of my launch consoles within a week of each other, both when just over two years old. One was under Gamecare Warranty and the other not. Called Sony (0870 5998877 or cheaper on 01923 476426) and despite arguing my case they refused to back down on the £99. Did talk them up to a years warranty instead of the usual 3 months right enough so worth digging your heels in for at least that much.

For that £99 they came and collected it, fixed it and returned it within 3 days. Never had a problem since.

The Gamecare one I had to post to Total Console Repair myself, took a week to come back and the "repair" lasted less than a fortnight. Had to post it to them again and they replaced the hard drive as well as the laser this time. Lost a lot of stuff but, touch wood, no hassles since.

If you don't have any warranty best bet is the £99 option, at least the service is first class.


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i had this same problem with my 40gig one.

My one was also out of waranty, although they fixed it for free.

I dont know why they fix one persons for free then try to charge the next person £99.


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You might try restore file system (option 3 i think) from the boot menu. From standby hold the power button down, the ps3 will switch on and then off. Hold the power button down again 1 beep then 2 beeps and let go.

Or a full system restore and format which is under system settings. It takes a while and remember to back up your data.

Otherwise its fudged.

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