PS3 has a sizeable lead over HD-DVD!!




In the report he says:

On the surface, this data would seem to indicate that Blu-ray's game console footprint (via the PS3) has a sizable lead over the Xbox/HD DVD combo by a healthy five-to-one margin. But in the add-on camp's favor is that those purchasing the drive are much more likely to be high-def movie watchers -- why buy the HD DVD drive otherwise? The same is not necessarily so for the PS3 -- there is no telling how many of the eager gamers who plunked down over $500 for a new console are actually using it to watch Blu-ray movies.


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I managed to pick-up 4 HD DVD add-on drives the night before they were released in the UK [Dec 7th]. I kept a couple, gave one to my brother [who only has an 8 year old 21"CRT but wanted one desperately] and the other on eBay. In an email to me post sale, he said the picture on "my Sony Trinitron is fantastic!"

There is an example of two peeps, who just acquired an HD DVD drive without any idea of the merits of what is was for. I doubt they are a unique pair.

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Went with a friend yesterday who bought a 42inch panasonic hdtv(999 at richer sounds with desktop stand), and xbox 360 for him and his lad for Christmas, and managed to snag a hd dvd add on, he was made up, seriously never thought this guy would go HD.

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