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Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section :facepalm:

I'm looking to get a gaming headset for PS3 and wondered if anyone else has come across this problem (looking at something like Turtle Beach PX3 / PX5 / official Sony one or a normal headset with a Turtle Beach DSS box).

For the PX5 - I've got a Sony surround sound system which uses optical out from PS3, so if I just get an optical splitter, would that be sufficient? or would it interfere with the surround sound system and I'd have to keep swapping optical cables?

Or, if I go for a wired e.g. PX21 or wireless set e.g. PX3 that uses the PS3 AV Multi-out, would I have to keep swapping between that output and the optical? or can you output to both and I just either use the headset or not?

Thanks in advance! :smashin:


Hi there, just a friendly bump as im in a similar position to yourself.:)
Does the px5 not have an optical in and out?

If it does then im sure you can connect the px5 to your ps3 via the input and then to your amp from the output.

I may be totally wrong though so somebody with one would be more help.

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