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Sep 6, 2003
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I've ordered a PS3, coming tomorrow from Amazon.
Just not sure how I will link it up. I'm already using my HDMI input on my plasma , and my optical audio input on my Pre/Processor, so want to use component for video and normal stereo co-axial. I already have a few of these leads knocking about, so would prefer to use these if possible. I see reference to a configurable av output on the PS3. Does the box come with an adaptor enabling me to link a component cable to it? And also twin co-ax for sound? Or do I have to buy either an adaptor, or an HDMI-component lead?
You can buy a component adapter very cheaply (PS2 ones work too).

Ideally you want to use optical rather than analogue stereo especially if you're going to be playing bluray movies.
Thanks for the info.
Yes I will use optical shortly, just looking for a short term fix till my Video processor arrives ( which will operate as a switchbox). I assume you are saying that the PS3 AV port is not supplied with any adaptor or component cable, and that I will need to get an adpator seperately?
If so, where would you suggest?
They supply you with a composite cable :eek:

The video connector is identical to the PS2 which means any store that does PS2/PS3 accessories should be able to sell you the component adapter. I've see them online for about £8.
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