PS3 connection prob-HDMI cable??


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Would appreciate advice. I just got a new PS3 320GB (slim) model. It came with an "Amazon Basics" HDMI cable (I presume a cheapy make rebranded.) Anyway I connected OK initially to the HDMI port on my TV and all seemed pretty good.

Now 2 days later I turn on the PS3 and I get no picture at all. Just a "snowstorm" interference pattern with a slight green tinge. I tried unplugging/replugging the cable, using the 2nd HDMI port on the TV but no difference.

Unfortunately I don't have another cable handy to try and I don't have any other HDMI devices to try connecting to TV other than my PS3.

Is it possibly a cable issue (why would it work initially, then suddenly stop working?). Or is it likely that the HDMI output from the PS3 could somehow have become borked?

Connecting the PS3 via component cables works OK but obviously the pic quality is a low worse that HDMI.

I guess I will probably have to go and buy another HDMI cable to test the theory, are they all much of a muchness or should I buy any specific brand??



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Yeah, cheap, expensive, if they work, they all do the same job, there's no difference.

Could be a faulty lead, or faulty tv socket, or ps3 socket...a lead change will help whittle it down(as would trying it on another tv.)
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