PS3 blu ray playback, no centre channel sound


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Nov 27, 2007
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Wonder if anyone could help diagnose an issue with playback of Blu Rays via my 80GB PS3.

It's happened a few times now where Ill put the blu ray in, it'll start playing, but no sound comes out of the centre speaker. You can see the people talikg but their vocals are so low you cant hear it.

If I then rewind the disk and start it again, the centre chanel is much better and you can hear the voices again.

Only happens sometimes and im not sure where to begin, so thought id see if anyone else has had the same issue.

I have a Yamaha AX763 amp and it displays 5.1 on its screen, and setup is all good. PS3 pluigs into AX763, and from this into the telly. The centre speaker is a MS Alumni and it doesnt appear to have any issues as when I rewind and play again it works fine, so im guessing it is the PS3 at fault, maybe rewinding forces it to pick up the channel or something???

Anyone have any similar experiences or ideas?

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