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Hi people,

Could do with a bit of help if possible.

Been looking to get the GHWT instruments and rockband 2 for a while but wondering which do you think is the best and cheapest way to do it.

Have been wondering about getting the Band Hero Complete band kit then buying rockband 2 on it's own but are the band hero instruemnts the same as the GHWT instruments? :)

Thanks in advance


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I was in the same situation a few weeks back. I ended up getting 2 x Beatles RB guitars for £30 each in HMV. These are compatible with both RB and GH. There may be cheaper guitars, but you wont get better quality for the price.

Haven't got the drums, but they seem to be £20-£30. GH ones get better reviews due to having 5 pads (2 of them cymbals) compared to RB with 4 pads. They are both kind of compatible with each other, but the general opinion is to buy the drums that go with whatever game you will play most.

Some more details on compatibility here:
Guitar Hero drums in Rock Band
Rock Band 2 drums in Guitar Hero


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I had a set of the gh:wt drums but the red pad failed on me after 2 days, took them back and swapped for the rock band set instead. that was just under a year ago and they're still working now.

On the other hand the guitar hero guitar's are much better than their rock band counterpart.

As for the games, rock band for the drums, guitar hero for guitar but thats just my personal preference.

PSN: BIGJ99 - If you fancy a drum duel online :smashin:

Mark EFC

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I went for the whole Band Hero set as it seemed a pretty economical way of starting off.

I then bought Rock Band for £15 on Friday, as the list of DLC looked brilliant.

However I can't seem to use my Band Hero drums on Rock Band... will they work on RB2? And if so, can I export the 10 RB songs I DLed to RB2? :facepalm:


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They aren't compatible with RB but will work with RB2. A quick solution is to buy RB2, then buy the export key for £2.39 on the PS Store and export all your RB tracks to RB2. Then sell RB or take it back and say it wont work with the drums and get a refund. You don't need RB anymore once you've exported the tracks.

All Rock Band DLC works with any version of RB.

Compatibility matrix here

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