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PS3 Backup Utility - External hard drive format FAT32 process

Discussion in 'Playstation Forums' started by mavric, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. mavric

    mavric Standard Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    This is my first post so be gentle!

    I have had the unfortunate event of the bluray drive on my PS3 not reading disks – (error code 80010514). So after a quick call to Sony customer care they are replacing the whole PS3 (60GB model) even though they don't specifically manufacture them. So well done Sony on that point.
    The reason for this post is that I have to now create a backup of all the data on the system, easy enough using the backup utility BUT my external drive was not being read by the PS3 (Seagate 260GB FAT32 formated).

    So after reading around on the net confirming the PS3 would only read FAT32 I was a bit angry as my hard drive was already formatted in that format. So I decided to reformat the external hard drive.

    Looking around and various methods, restrictions, software etc I tried numerous methods but with no luck. Then after taking a step back I figured out a way and it has worked.

    The process I used to format the external hard drive to FAT32 was as follows:

    • I shifted all the data that was on the EHD and deleted all the partitions
    • Then right clicked my computer – selected manage to bring up the disk management window.
    • I selected my EHD and selected format – now this is where I was having problems, windows is normally set to only format a FAT32 partition up to 36GB. I tired programmes like swissknife which format to a larger FAT32 partition but they kept crashing.
    • SO! I set the partition size to 32GB and I was able to select FAT32 format (and NTSF) if I had put anything larger than 32gb I did not get the FAT32 option.
    • So I let the pc do its thing and format the partition.
    • Now 32GB was nowhere near big enough for the amount of data I wanted so I needed to merge the unused (unformatted) space on my EHD with the newly formatted FAT32 partition.
    • I downloaded a programme called: “EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition” from download.com.. The programme allows you to manage all the partitions on a HD.
    • So using this programme I was able to select my EXD, select resize/move partition and just slided the allocation to the size I wanted the FAT32 partition I had made before to be.
    • Hit apply and a few seconds later its done. Connect the EHD to my PS3 and it instantly picked it up.

    I thought I would put this post up here as I have read several methods on how to do this but I couldn't get any to work. By trial and error and a bit of thought I came up with this simple solution.

    You can just use EASEUS Partition Manager to set up a FAT32 partition rather than doing steps 1-6, you can simply add a FAT32 partition to your HD/EHD without shifting data and reformatting etc. I thought I would outline the steps I took just to make it a bit clearer

    Hope this helps.mavric. :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
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    Sep 5, 2008
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