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I am off to pick up new telly and PS3 tomorrow and have been wondering about how to connect to the internet via the PS3.

I haven't got wireless broadband at the moment, but was wondering if there was any way I could hook the PS3 up to the back of my V+ box inorder to connect. I know this may sound mad, but wasn't sure if there was an ethernet port in the back of the box which might make this possible and with the way the christmas tree is at the moment, I can't get to the back of the V+ box the check it!

Anyway, if anyone has any experience of this and whether it's possible then I'd be interested to hear about it. And for that matter, if it's not possible how should I go about hooking the PS3 up to the net without wireless for the time being?



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Nope, sorry, you can't. There IS an ethernet port on the back of the V+ box but it's disabled. At least this is the case in my area which was originally a Telewest area. IIRC, ex NTL people used to use their STB's for internet in some way but I'm not sure this is still the case with the switch to Virgin.....

What's your broadband setup at the moment? Are you just using the cable modem's single ethernet port straight to your PC? If so, one way you could get a wired connection to the PS3 up and running would be to buy a cheap second ethernet card for the PC (some motherboards already have 2 ethernet adapters on board) and set up Internet Connection Sharing. Cheapest card from Scan is £2.81 :smashin: If you're using USB to connect to your modem, stop it and buy two!! A wired connection is MUCH better anyway. By the way, people are selling this info on ebay and people are buying it!!!

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like what he said. but heres a cool thing: the v+ has a usb port on the back. It isnt used, and isnt active, but it is still powered, so its possible to connect a usb cable to it, and use it to charge the controller. Even when the box is in standby! Ace, and it dosent clutter up the front of your ps3 with cables! double ace.....

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