PS3 and homeplugs


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Well after posting on here earlier to no avail i have got to the bottom of the devolo 200mbps av plus homeplugs issue with the PS3 and after speaking to devolo customer support all devolo homeplugs are not really compatible with PS3. The problem is the eco mode that the homeplugs go into after you turn off the PS3. When you initally plug them in there awake so to speak and readt to talk to your network and wll stay awake whilst ypur PS3 is switched on (i have one homeplug into my router the other into my PS3) but when you switch off they hibernate and the PS3 does not have a signal to wake them up again so when you try and sign in to the PSN you get an error message saying you cannot connect to the internet so you have to basically do a cold start by manually unplugging the homeplug from the wall and starting again. (switching off from wall switch dosent seem to work by the way) if. had known this i probarbly would not of bothered with them if the powersave function on the homeplug was optional they would be fine, just thought i wold post as i think this is valuable information for anyone looking to use them for this .

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