PS3 and a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player


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So now I have my PS3 and my Sony NWZ-A829 MP3 player is arriving at the end of the month courtesy of a friend in the United States. It got me thinking: what are my compatiblity issues between these two items if I were to link them up as connected Bluetooth devices.

Would I be able to stream audio on the PS3 from the MP3 player?


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I can't be certain and I have no experience to validate my claim but I don't think that is possible for 2 reasons;

1 - I don't think the PS3 Bluetooth is data enabled, my SE Walkman phone wont connect via BT so I would assume the Walkman is also unable to connect on a data share with the PS3. It is possible but I assume it is some sort of software block by Sony, it may be a feature added in the future.

2 - Even if the PS3 is able to share data over BT, the Bluetooth is not A2DP enabled so streaming audio is still a no no. Again, it is possible by a software update (as the PS3 is Bluetooth 2.0) but its not there yet.

You are gonna be needing to link your Walkman and PS3 via USB. The ability to do it over bluetooth may come one day but it could be a long wait.

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