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Does anyone root their playstation 2 through their HTPC - what kind of results do you get?

The reason I ask is that I attempted this through an old-ish capture card via analogue and the results were awful, even after a good going over with DScaler. I appreciate that a better capture card through S-Video would be better, but would it be good enough?




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S-video should be significantly better than composite.

If your card will take S-video it has to be worth a try. If it doesn't the Packard Bell TV-100 (or Lifeview card) at £40 new from PC World has S-video and is considered by many as the best in it's class. (They often appear in the classifieds too.)

I assume a PS2 can output S-video?

An issue with Dscaler can be finding the best settings. There are just too many things to tweak...

The best method is going to be capturing the RGB signal from the PS2. However I think the cheapest capture card that will do RGB is the Sweetspot. That will set you back around £200.

This, I hope, would be excellent. I say 'I hope' as I have a Sweetspot sitting on my desk waiting to be installed! I don't have a PS2 though but will try it with my Xbox at some point.



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The PS2 can be sent via S-Video, Composite or Component. I am trying to port everything through the HTPC for convenience but feel that the PS2 would be my stumbling block as its output isn't great as it is.

I will see about trying it through S-Video (unless anyone knows a way of capturing Component....)


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You can capture component with a sweetspot capture card. Look at the banner in the HTPC section. (here)


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