PS2 with Sony DAVSC8 All-in-one system



I have just ordered a Sony DAVSC8 all-in-one homes cinema system.

Does anybody know if I will be able to play my PlayStation2 through this or will I just have to use an additional SCART on my TV (KV-32FQ70)?

Many thanks in advance.


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You will still need to connect the PS2 with a SCART lead to the back of your TV.

If you get a scart lead with phono plus aswell you would be able to plug those into your cinema kit or if it has a digital in so you could have the sound coming through the cinema kit.

Not sure what socket you have the ps2 plugged into on the back of the Tv but if you can put it in AV1 and have RGB set to on, you will see a significant improvement in picture quality then say from AV3.



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Does your home cinema kit use a scart lead or is it composite??

Either way if the cinema kit has a DVD player included that will need a connection to the back of your TV and your PS2 will need one also

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