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been looking at the wireless controller on for £17.99.i think its a joytech, has anyone used this,is it any good,also seen the ones on lik-sang but would rather pay under £20 if poss.thanks for any help


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how far are you sitting from the screen/console?

usually nothing beats the offical pads they give you in the box in terms of reliabilty, comfort and accuracy



don't know anything about the lik-sang model, but I have the logitech version of the wireless controller for the ps2 and have to say that it has been an excellent purchase.

I normally sit around 12feet from the tv and the response is excellent, exactly as if I was using the origanal corded controller.

The range of this controller is superb as well, as my one year old daughter has tested, by taking the controller from me and wandering away from the tv and still maintaining contact with the ps2.

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Agree with lonestar , the Logitech wireless is fantastic. Accurate. responsive and with great feel. The dearest it may be, but so worth it. Also, its the only wireless officially endorsed by Sony.:smashin:



they are the dearest controller, i got mine through this board, but as sulphur man says, they are the ones officially endorsed by sony.

if you're quick you could try here at ebay

hope this helps.

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