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I want to connect my PS2 to my JVC THA75R All in one home cinema set up.

I figure, that an optical lead will be required, but then will I also have to use the rca outputs for the PS2? If so do they just go into the tv or is best to put those in the video inputs?
I tried running it through the video last night and I only got sound out of one speaker?

The other idea was to get a scart switcher, I bought one of those 4 in 1 things and when I played the PS2 I could see tv stations behind the picture so I dumped that, but I have seen those that you can manually switch, are they better?

I also have a set top box to hook up if I can, not really bothered about doing this but if I can I will??

An optical cable via the PS2 to you all in one system is all you need for sound.

As for a Scart switcher - a manual one is probaly your best bet - should have any problems with interference using one of these.

Good cheap RGB scart switchers can be found at argos.

Yep an optical lead is pretty much all you need, that and a decent video cable (preferably one that supports RGB).

When you do connect it up, there are some options you need to enable on the PS2 to get it to output sound via the digital output. If you don't do this, you won't here anything (at least not using the digital connection).

Check the PS2 manual as you need to enable the digital output first, and then with a DVD film loaded, bring up the Audio options menu and switch on DD & DTS in there.
Thanks for your help

So, let me get this right, I get hold of an optical cable, and run that from the PS2 into the All in one, then run the scart from the PS2 into the tv or the 3 into 1 changer and that should work.
Go in and set up the PS2 and that is it?
Seems too simple!!

With regard the decent video cable, I am running an RGB scart from the DVD into the TV.

There are a few early PS2 titles that don't work with an optical lead and RCA leads are required.I bought Fantavision and got no sound through optical, thought it was faulty disk but replacement copy had the same problem. 99.9% of software should work though.
Yes it should be that simple.

As daveymacca says there are a handful of titles that don't work (for some bizarre reason), but I've not encountered any issues with a single title in my collection (about 30 or so games).

Let us know how you get on.
Thanks for all the people who took time out to help.

I have ordered an optical cable and hopefully should arrive today/tomorrow. Once I have that I'll see how I go.
What I have done is, fed the PS2 through my video via Scart and that seems to work fine!! Just now need to connect the set top box up!! More leads!!! The back of my unit is a complete mare now, leads everywhere.

Anyone got any advice on where to put the speakers for all this?
The manual says something different to what the Home video mag says? Who should I beleive?

What are the different options outlined in your manual vs Home Video?

I personally have a 5.1 system, my centre speaker sits on top of the TV (magnetically shielded of course) and my L/R speakers are floorstanders placed about 50cm either side of the TV, I would
put them further apart but we don't have the space.

The rear speakers are mounted on the side walls slightly behind the main couch and around 2m off the ground.
At the moment, I have two speakers either side of the tele, the centre on top of the tele, the rear centre on the wall behind the sofa, and I was going to put the rear surround at either both ends of the sofa, as per the magazine set up, but the manual says that they should be directly to the side?

2m off the ground seems vey high. I was going fo more like head heght when you are sitting down?
If you were setting up a classic 5.1 system then I would say put the rear speakers behind the listening position.

In your case, you have what sounds like a 6.1 setup, so in this instance I guess you would locate the speakers either side of the sofa (wallmounted if possible), pointing towards the listeners.

Yes my rear speakers are probably higher than ideal, however this has something to do with the other half ;) and as they use KEF's Uni Q drivers, the ultimate location is less of an issue than it might be with other speakers. One of the KEFs strengths is that they generate a decent sound even for off-axis listening, so you don't all have to fight over the "sweet spot" on the sofa. :smashin:

If you get the chance, try both options and see if it makes a noticeable difference. If it does, pick the one you prefer.
Put the surrounds at either side of the sofa with the speaker tweeters at ear level should give a good sound :smashin:
Thanks everyone for their help.

I have mounted the speakers either side of the sofa on the wall and the rear speaker directly behind on the wall. They are all at around ear height when seated and it sounds great.

Thanks again

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