ps2 steering wheels


mr chadwick

i am getting cm3 next week,and was just wondering what steering wheel readers would recommend.

ta in advance.:confused:


You can use any Logitech Force Feedback steering wheel for the PS2 games since the drivers are pretty much standard. IMO You should go for a PC Logitech FF wheel.. I can't remember the exact model though but my mate has one.

I've only got the Ferarri FF wheel made by Thrustmaster which has good and bad points much like the Logitech one.

For starters the gear pedals on the back of the wheel on the Ferrari one are made out of plastic and the hinges are pants. I've since replaced mine with metal versions.

Plus points... Powerful unit, little feeling of motor gears when turning, superb build quaility (bar the gear pedals), responsive foot pedals, D-pad, various buttons and it have a semi-auto gearstick.

The PC Logitech one again has superb build quality, metal gear pedals but I don't like the foot pedals much... IMO the travel distance is far too short and lacks real resistance. It also lacks the buttons the Thrustmaster has.

The Microsoft FF wheel is pretty cheap thesedays and it has a v.powerful FF motor. Only bad thing I can say about it is the plastic grip and you can feel the gears as you turn. Solid, but nothing amazing.

There is a PS2 Logitech wheel that was released with GT3... I have this wheel also and while its functional, it just feels cheap. Plastic grip, gear buttons instead of pedals and its noisy. Also out of all of the wheels you can feel the motor gears the most on this one. You can just tell that corners were cut in manufacturing this wheel. There is a new version out but I've yet to test it but either way it ranks as last IMO from the FF wheels I have tested.

There are other FF wheels and indeed non-FF wheels out there. Just to remind you though that PS2 games use the Logitech software drivers so on those wheels the auto-centre spring is enabled. For non-Logitech wheels they work equally as well but you loose the auto-centre.


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ive been after the Logitech FF wheel for some time, but no shops seems to stock it anymore ... it was about 60 quid wasnt it ... tad expensive for a wheell .. anywhere you can pick these up for about 40 ...



£60 expensive for a Force Feedback wheel? I paid £110 for my PC Ferrari FF wheel by Thrustmaster when it was released...

The PS2 Logitech FF wheel is still available in Game and Gamestation I believe. As for the PC version I'm not sure since it has been out for quite some time. IMO You should pop down to your local PC store and look at either the Microsoft FF wheel or the Ferarri one... Both are around £70+ I believe. Its worth spending a little more cash for a stronger and better build of wheel than the nasty PS2 version. Once you get a chance to compare both you'll find that the PS2 version does the job but only just.


Hehe no worries mate. I like a good race as much as anyone, especially with a FF wheel ^_^

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