Question PS2 Slim and 55 inch TV issue.


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Decided to indulge in a bit of retro gaming and got a good deal on a PS2 with which I want to play PS1 games, Dino Crisis 1 and 2, Exhumed and Alien Trilogy to name but a few.
Connected the PS2 to a Panasonic 32 inch which has the red, white and yellow ports and all is good. But I really want to to connect to a LG B7 TV or a Samsung 6000 series TV also 55 inch. I bought a PS2 to HDMI Converter which after a bit of messing around worked up to a point on the Samsung.

The games rolls or scrolls from top of the screen to the bottom continually and I cannot find any setting to adjust to stop this.

Looking for any simple pointers for this issue.


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First of all: congratulations, I was making a retro session with Snes myself.
Second: I haven't even tried connecting the Snes to larger TVs or to plasma - I doubt these devices will be compatible with any settings (but I'm not a specialist)


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I think the issue is to do with the resolution that PS1 and 2 games use, these are not supported on newer TVs. Second, the HDMI is probably v1 so there would be problems there as well.

Second,did you check that the converter you bought had a default output of 1080P as that is what would be needed for newer TVs.


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you can play ps1 games on all ps3s and connect that via hdmi to the tv
Turned out to be a waste of time as although you can play PS1 games on the PS2 you cannot save your ganss to a memory card which makes it pretty pointless, so I got a PS1 and I have no problems connecting to a big screen.


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It's all academic now anyway as what with the trouble to play nice with my 55 inch Samsung I bought a cheap PS1 which works fine with the TV so I donated the PS2 to charity.

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